RS3HOT:How to Make Money Through RuneScape PKing
There are six primary ways of making gold in RuneScape: Pking, Merchanting, Scaming, Staking, Skilling and Monster Killing.Each of these could be discussed limitless but I'm going to pay attention to Pking for this content because it's a subject I know especially plenty about.
Making gold from Pking involves simply earning more gold in gear/items than you lose. The best type of Pking to do is hybrid pking because the gear here is much more expensive. But on the other hand this is very stressful and competitive so I'm going to talk more about Edgeville Pking.
Edgeville pking is still quite difficult, but there are far fewer variables in what your opponent can do to kill you so it's a little easier to master. Edgeville is a small town with a bank that's right next to the wilderness. This is very useful because when you get a kill all you need to do is bank the loot and you can do that very quickly. If you don't get a kill but you need to restock up on food and potions then again it's very easy to do that because the bank is so close. Due to the bank being so close most of the fighting in the wilderness occurs in Edgeville which is unusual because the entire place is a massive and most of the fighting is concentrated in perhaps only 1/30th the entire area.
Edgeville fighting involves 'fair' one versus one fights, where two people of usually equal combat stats and gear fight each other. This isn't like other parts of the wilderness where the strong pick on the weak because if you want to escape someone you just have to walk a little bit South into Edgeville and you can only be attacked within the wilderness. People tend to ask other people for fights based on their combat level and the gear they're wearing. People fight people of very similar combat levels (usually just one to three difference at the maximum) so that the fights are fair. It wouldn't be fair at all for a higher level to fight a much lower level opponent so it doesn't happen. What's more is that because Edgeville has such a low wilderness level, around one to five, it's actually impossible for players more than five levels higher to prey on weaker opponents. This makes it an attract option for people who want civilized pking where they can ask someone to fight, agree on the rules and proceed to fight.
Different gear in the games has different value and so again it wouldn't be fair for someone in expensive gear to fight someone in cheap gear. Even if the expensive gear gives the other person an advantage it's usually not worth it if the person they kill dies for much less. Most people tend to fight in Rune or Dragonhides and tend to only fight other people in similar situations.
You definitely need to watch out for PJers (pile jumpers) in Edgeville. These people stand around and when two people who are fighting are eating food to heal themselves they jump in and use a special attack to try to kill one. You can avoid this by praying their attack style (usually praying defence from melee) when (or before) they attack you. They're usually quite obvious because they just stand around you waiting for an opportunity to interrupt. However if you're careful they don't usually mange to kill people and they're more of an annoyance.
You kill other people by depleting their life points and the best method to do this is my using a special attack via a special attack weapon. There are dozens of different special attack weapons for melee and magic weapons. The most common ones are the Dragon Dagger (usually it's poisoned as well), Dragon Claws, Armadyl Godsword or Korasi's Sword. If you consider that the maximum life point level is 990, all of these weapons can potentially hit around 600-700 so as you can see they're quite useful for killing people. Most players with regular weapons can only usually hit up to 400 so they substantially increase your chances of killing your opponent.
It's best to wait until your opponent is on low life points and then surprise them by quickly taking out your special attack weapon and using it. It's either best to use it at the very start of the fight if you get the opportunity or later on in the fight. People take time to wake up and get into the Pking frame of mind at the start of a fight, and if you leave the special attack until later on it's not at the forefront of your opponent's mind.
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